(Remedy for Various Female Problems.)


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Periox is the combination of viscous multiple herbs which are taken from plants and are indeed in the purest foam. Thus the nature’s wonderful restorative Periox is good for many menstrual problems. A usual menstrual cycle should last 28 days (+) or (–) 7 days.  If either the menstrual bleeding happens more frequent than every 21 days or lasts more than 8 days, it is deemed as irregular. Thereby, Periox has been developed by considering such factors. In addition, Periox also contributes in overall reproductive related diseases such as menstrual irregularity, painful menstruation, Dysmenorrhea, Leucorrhoea, Uterine disorders, backache, and restlessness. Moreover, it does not cause any side effects, complications and adversity. Periox regulates and eases your menstrual cycle and supports hormonal balance, irritability, and the mood swings of perimenopause. Thus, it is one of the finest natural herbs formulations to relive from all the discomforts during menstruation period.

Why Periox?

  • It treats and cures menstrual problems
  • It naturally regulates the menstrual cycle
  • Useful for various uterine disorders
  • Good for some hormonal related problems
  • Gives beneficial effect to your reproductive system
  • Cleansing of the body
    Dosage & How to Use?2-3 teaspoon two to three times a day along with warm water or as directed by Physician.

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(Remedy for Various Female Problems.)

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