Pomegranate Peel Powder
(انار کا چھلکا پاؤڈر ، پوست انار)

Scientific Name: Punica Granatum

Urdu: انار کا چھلکا ، پوست انار


Pomegranate Benefits

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Pomegranates are known for their taste as well as incredible health advantages. While many of us chomp on the red tangy tiny seeds or even the fruit to enjoy its benefits, it’s tough red skin is usually thrown away. However, just like the fruit. the peel too is loaded with lots to offer. Listed here are few advantages of pomegranate peel you most likely didn’t know. Here’s how the fruit peel assists take your beauty as well as hair care regimen to a new level altogether.


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Pomegranate Peel Powder
(انار کا چھلکا پاؤڈر ، پوست انار)

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